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Does exactly what it says on the tin
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The beautiful Header was made specially by velocitygrass, cause she is made of AWESOME!

This community exists for the sharing of all things Bottom!John - fanfic, fanart etc.

You may post new or old fic here at any time and there will also be monthly challenges (during which time you will still be able to post non-challenge fics). If you are posting an old fic please include a brief note advising that it has been previously posted.

Any pairing goes, and any rating - so if you are underage in your home country please be aware that there will be adult content in here!

What is 'bottom!john'? Well... that's really up to you, I'm good with any interpretation :)

Your moderator is rasah - any questions or challenge requests, please feel free to contact me either here, or via email (at my livejournal email address).

Please make use of warnings - including clear warnings for any potential spoilers.

Please ensure that you use titles for your posts, including (at least) pairings and ratings.

Tags are your friend :) If the tag you need isn't there, please let me know and I'll set it up. As and when new authors post (and I notice) I will set up an author tag but feel free to nudge me!


Challenges will be posted at the beginning of each month; you have until the end of the month to respond.

Please don't post challenge replies elsewhere until the challenge has been closed.

Make use of the challenge-specific tag and also the pairing/rating/author tags (if you don't yet have an author tag let the mod know by posting a comment here and one will be set up).

Thank you & Enjoy!

For all your Bottom!Rodney needs, please pop on over to bottom_rodney :D