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Fic: Part Timer - McKay/Sheppard/Lorne/Ronon, NC-17 by Allyndra

Title: Part Timer
Author: Allyndra
Pairing: McKay/Sheppard/Lorne/Ronon
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Um. Porn.
Disclaimer: It's pretty rude of me to be giving away something I don't even own, huh? That must make me a bad girl, because these characters are not mine.
Summary: It's not that John has anything against Rodney McKay. He just hates fucking someone he doesn't know.
Note: Response to the Rival Porn Star Challenge, written for rasah 's birthday. Happy Birthday! There will be more of this coming, but I wanted to get the first part up while it's still your birthday. I hope you don't mind that it's kind of ... ridiculous.


“Admit it,” Lorne said, tossing a cock ring at John’s head. “You’re just jealous because he has a prettier ass than you.”

John glared at Lorne and returned the cock ring to the prop table. It was one of the stretchy ones, which was a good thing for Lorne. If it had been one of the leather ones with snaps, John would have had to seek some kind of revenge. Those things hurt. They weren’t even scheduled to use any props today, but Elizabeth liked to keep them on hand in case someone “felt inspired.”

“You think he has a nicer ass than me? I’m hurt,” John said, trying to sound aggrieved. “I thought ... I thought this was love,” he sniffed. “Otherwise I never would have let you …“ He cut off, searching for an absurd, sweeping, romantic phrase that meant-

“Screw you on camera for fun and profit?” Lorne suggested.

John rolled his eyes. “Yeah, that.”

“Sorry, John,” Lorne said lightly, picking up a huge and disturbingly green dildo and testing to see if it would flex. “The romance is dead. And face it: McKay’s ass is better.”

John tried to sneak a look at the ass in question, but it was currently stuffed into a chair on the other side of the room, while the possessor of said ass was reading a book. John let his eyes rest on Rodney McKay, trying to figure him out by sight alone. He knew McKay from seeing his work, under his screen name “Caleb Long.” No one at this studio called the talent by their screen names in person. John had teasingly called Ronon “Koa Lay” to his face, and had learned the hard way what a bad idea that was. It had taken a week to clean the bubblegum off of his car. When John had apologized, Ronon had just grunted and said, “Next time it’s the hair.” There hadn’t been a next time.

All he learned from watching McKay now was that his robe was made out of the good terry cloth and had “Caleb” embroidered on it, and that he liked reading thick books. John sighed.

“I’m not jealous,” he said. “I just hate working with guys I don’t know.” It was true. Porn wasn’t the worst part time job in the world. Instead of working long hours after class, struggling to get his papers written, he worked one or two days every couple weeks. It would never pay the bills full time, but it filled the gaps left after financial aid came in. He’d even met some surprisingly nice and sleaze-free people. But he hated fucking guys he didn’t know, especially if he wasn’t even sure they were gay. Somehow, it was easier for him to maintain the illusion that (despite all the cameras and lights and producers) the sex was fun and hot if he could imagine that there was some mutual attraction between himself and the guy slamming into him.

It was one of the reasons he’d been so glad that he was scheduled for a shoot with Ronon and Lorne today. Both of them liked John, on and off set. They’d filmed a handful of scenes together before, and they got along so well the three of them had gone hiking together twice and met up once for a football game. It helped that they were both hot. In fact … John snuck another look at McKay. He wondered why Elizabeth had hired him as their fourth. He wasn’t bad looking, but fine ass aside, he didn’t seem to fit with the lean, muscular trio of John, Lorne, and Ronon.

A big hand slammed down on John’s shoulder, and Ronon leaned around him to smile into John’s face. “I can’t think of any better way to get to know someone,” Ronon said. His eyes were amused, and his short beard somehow made his smirks even smirkier. John had tried to grow one himself after he’d first noticed the effect, but the experiment had not been a success.

“It’ll be fine,” Lorne said, giving John a reassuring look over the top of the clear acrylic butt plug he was examining. “Elizabeth wouldn’t hire anyone we couldn’t work with.”

John let himself be placated. Lorne had a point. There were people in the business who didn’t care about the comfort and well-being of their talent, but Elizabeth had never been one of those. It would be fine. They’d have sex with Rodney McKay, and then John would never have to deal with him again.


John was maybe a little jealous of McKay’s ass, but not because it was so pretty. He was jealous of the way Lorne had his face buried in it, licking and tasting and generally worshiping it with his tongue. Lorne was really good at that, John remembered wistfully. Rimming was one of the few perks of doing porn; John loved to be rimmed, but he didn’t get it much in his real life sex. But here he was, on his hands and knees with his ass in the air, *not* being rimmed.

John let his head hang down so he didn’t have to watch Lorne lavishing his considerable skills on McKay’s undeserving ass. Ronon shoved into him hard, bringing John’s attention back to the business at hand, and John dutifully moaned for the camera. It wasn’t difficult; Ronon was an absolute machine and being fucked by him had never been a chore. Ronon was something of a freak in the porn industry – a stunningly beautiful man who had both a big cock that the camera loved *and* the stamina to film without Viagra. Right now, he was pouring that stamina into John, splitting him wide open and powering into him. Thank God for the good lube.

The director of the film, Laura Cadman, was standing near the monitors with Elizabeth, tracking the action carefully but trying to stay out of the way. Elizabeth had this theory that men gave better sexual performances if they were actually enjoying the sex, so her staff kept interruptions to a minimum. As long as the talent followed the guidelines that had been laid out ahead of time and paid attention to their cues, they were rarely disturbed.

Out of the corner of his eye, John saw Laura checking her watch. She whispered to Elizabeth and stepped closer to the performers, signaling the cue to change positions. Ronon slid his huge hands from John’s hips up around his chest. He pulled John up easily, hauling him back against Ronon’s chest so that they were both kneeling. The change in position meant that Ronon couldn’t thrust as hard or as deep, but it also meant that John’s cock was front and center to camera two. John let his head fall back against Ronon’s shoulder as Lorne and McKay responded to their own cue and crawled over in front of John.

As two warm, wet tongues ran over his cock, John decided that Rodney McKay really wasn’t that bad. In general, John preferred being blown by just one guy over these two-fers, just because a single mouth had a better chance of building the perfect suction and rhythm. When there were two different mouths on his dick, they kept trading off the suction, faltering the rhythm just when John was getting into it. But Lorne and McKay worked together like they’d been tag-teaming blowjobs for years. They worked opposite sides of John’s erection long enough for the camera to get some good shots of their tongues sweeping against each other over and around his dick, then they divided the work. Lorne ducked his head and started sucking at John’s balls, which made them draw up, tight and happy. Lorne had an incredible mouth, and rimming wasn’t the only thing it was good at. Once Lorne had moved out of his way, McKay wrapped his lips around the head of John’s cock and sucked hard.

It was … They’d never mentioned anything like this in Sunday School, but John thought this was about as close to heaven as he was likely to get. Ronon was hitting his prostate with every short, sharp thrust, Lorne was teasing his balls with gentle lips and tongue, and McKay was sucking his cock like it was the last popsicle of summer. John closed his eyes and rolled his head from side to side, letting out the whiney moans he used to suppress until Elizabeth told him the fans liked them.

John must have missed a cue, because suddenly McKay and Lorne were pulling back and Ronon’s hand was hot and rough around John’s cock. “Yeah,” Ronon said. “C’mon.” Neither Elizabeth nor Laura had managed to improve the dialogue, but no matter how cliché it was, Ronon’s rough command growled into John’s ear did the job. He let himself go, opening his eyes to watch his come landing on McKay and Lorne. Laura didn’t like facials much, so when she directed, the actors aimed for chests or backs. John had been too far gone to aim anything, but Ronon’s controlling hand was still around him, making sure he followed the rules.

At another signal from Laura, Ronon pulled out of John with a groan, reaching for McKay. Ronon spread McKay out on his back with his legs high and wide. John had to admit, McKay might not be buff, but he was certainly limber. Maybe he did yoga. Following his own cue, John pulled his eyes from McKay’s body and settled himself between Lorne’s legs. He took Lorne’s hard dick into his mouth and reminded himself to focus. It was easy to lose intensity when John was the first one to come, but the job wasn’t over. Plus, Lorne was a good guy. He deserved a decent blowjob, even if it was just for work.

Mentally calculating how much longer he had until they wrapped the shoot, John slid his mouth as all the way down Lorne’s cock. He drew back slowly, letting the suction increase, then went down again. Lorne’s hips stuttered in an abbreviated thrust, and John closed his eyes to hide the smugness in them.

Oh, yeah. He still had it. 

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