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Vid: "A Girl Like You," Larrin/John and Teyla/John

Sorry if you've seen this cross-posted already today - I can't believe I forgot to post it to this community. If ever I've made a vid suited to this comm...

Title: A Girl Like You
Vidder: bironic
Pairings: Larrin/John, Teyla/John
Music: Edwyn Collins (edited)
Length: 2:07
Summary: John discovers something about his sexuality. Hint: the working title was "John likes women who tie him up and knock him around."
Contains: PG-13-rated content presented as BDSM; otherwise, I don't think anything is an issue.
A/N: I started this last summer for Kink Bingo, and now it's the last square finished for this round: masters, doms, slaves and subs. Hopefully it's as entertaining for you to watch as it was for me to put together. (Oh God, John's face when women try to flirt with him.)

Streaming, d/l links and lyrics at my LJ
Tags: sheppard/other
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